admitMission Testimonials
I am extremely glad I engaged Amit to help me with my essays, recommendations, and CV. His edits on the essays made me think outside the box and it brought out the right aspects of my education and work experience. This helped me clearly articulate what I intended to convey through the essays and application. Besides making me actively making me focus on my essays, you were able to help me clearly convey what I was attempting to say. Amit did a quick turnaround on the essays and this helped me apply and get admitted to the school of my choice. His inputs in choosing a course and school were also valuable.
In addition. Amit also helped me further during the course by providing consultation for my internship applications. It was great to work with Amit and I would definitely recommend him to students who are pursuing MBA, MS and any other postgraduate programs.
University of Maryland, MSIS Admit

When I decided to pursue my MBA abroad, there were so many questions in my mind..what? when? how? where? I was doing my research to find someone who could guide me to figure out which is the best program and university based on my aspiration. I got in touch with many professional admission institutes, they showed me a very exciting admission prospects. But some part of me was not satisfied, as I felt was not getting the personal attention I needed. Then I met Amit. After the first discussion I was completely convinced that he is the person who can help me in sorting out my admission. Amit took personal care of my application process and provided realistic picture of my admission prospects based on my situation. Every aspects of admission: University identification, Resume, Essays, SOP, Interview preparation, were carefully thought and time bound to get the best result out of the whole process. As a result of intense admission process under Amit’s guidance, I managed to secure admission in a world’s top 50 University with 50% scholarship. I also received very positive comments from my college’s admission committee on my essays and resume being very clear, cogent and well structured.


I would like to thank Amit for all his extended support he provided throughout my admission process. I would recommend Amit to any student looking for guidance in his/her admission process either in India or abroad.”

Lancaster University UK, MBA Graduate

“Amit’s unique writing style is engaging and refreshing and at the same time ticks all the brackets on the professional side.

I truly benefited from his expertise’s in writing. I found him professional, personable and attuned to my project needs.What impressed me the most was how  proactive, dedicated, enthusiastic and creative he was with his approach. He not only custom tailored my report but also added his supplemental materials which supported my goals beautifully.

I’ll be more than happy to recommend him to all who desire a wonderful writing blend of style and substance, content and creativity.

Thank You Amit. Hope to work with you again”

NYIT graduate

Starting with the initial consultation and brainstorming, I was able to get great experiences to share on my applications and enhance my personal experiences. Once we decided on the schools that I wanted to apply to, I was able to go through the essay questions with Amit and determine the best examples and experiences to share. Although the process was stressful at times, getting help from Amit allowed me to time my application process, and not wait until the last minute. From the day I met Amit, we made a plan for my applications. Amit was meticulous in his approach and a thorough professional. He is a great career coach and best thing was the time he invested in counseling and shortlisting of schools.

I definitely recommend Amit to anyone considering having a consultant help them in the admissions process.

IIM Ahmedabad, PGPX graduate