Our Value Proposition

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Knowledge and Expertise

Our admission consulting experts are qualified MBA graduates with significant experience in management consulting on projects for some of the fortune 500 companies. Our admission consultants are prolific writers with deep analysis of what it takes to get admitted to a school of your choice. We know how to leverage your experience to write the perfect script for your successful admit. We use this experience and knack to guide you to tell your story, in a manner which appeals to the adcom, differentiates you from the crowd, builds a winning profile for you and, most importantly, builds your confidence.

First-hand experience

Our admission consulting experts have earned their MBAs or other post-graduate degrees from XLRI School of Business and have obtained admits from Manchester Business School, Cranfield School of Management. During our MBA and post-graduation, we have also represented our schools at placement fairs, spoken at information sessions, been part of alumni and CEO committees. Beyond discussing our first-hand experience s of the entire admission journeys, we also share our insights on life at the program, extra-curricular activities, exchange programs, internship and job searches, networking, financing and help you set realistic expectations from your post-graduation and life beyond.

Style and Substance

In our approach, the focus is to maintain a balance between substance and style, with the former taking precedence. Content is king – we acknowledge the fact that we are applying to MBA and other courses in top universities and not writing a novel. Bombastic language is great but if it does not convey the message, it brings no grist to the mill. We will bring out the subject matter and help articulate your thoughts relevant to the essay questions tailored to the schools requirement. We fully review content including any additional forms, essays, letters of recommendation and your interview answers to ensure that all the messages across your application stitch together a clear and a strong message.

High standards and expectations

Our values force us to build your profile in such a way that you stand out from the crowd. Which means that not only our standards are hight but also sub-standardness and poor quality is something we don’t accept. When you pay our fees, the school application fees and the fact that you only have one chance in the academic year – the stakes are high. We want to make the most of it.  In addition, you have only one chance to build a strong case for a scholarship, you really must give your 100 percent. We critique and review your essays and applications in a regimented approach with continuous feedback. After every edit, we have a discussion at length on how to improve. Your ideas are challenged, you are asked uncomfortable questions, and are pushed to be as quantitative as possible. Your accomplishments are challenged too and you are pushed be as substantive as possible. This process is designed to be cathartic. So, when we finally send out your application, it will be one that we are proud of.

Uncapped hours and flexible approach

Every student is different, we establish connections with each student differently. Everyone responds to feedback differently, which is why we don’t have a set number of hours or a maximum number of edits per document f. Some students are ready with superb essays, some have great articulation skills, some are able to churn out brilliant essays with just 1 to 2 edits, some others need more guidance. Everyone has their own approach to think, prepare, write. We invest as many hours and at your preferred time to bring out the best in your write-up. If you are a student attending college or you are a working professional or you are a senior executive who works many hours in a day and has family responsibilities too. We understand that your time and schedule is demanding – we will work around that schedule, depending on your location, to ensure you are not stressed from your application and admission perspective. Even if it means meeting you at 7 am, or taking a phone call at 6 am, or meeting you on the weekends, working late nights – it’s part of the journey for us.

Setting you up for success

Our successes are intertwined. Our pricing model drives us to work hard and push you harder. It motivates both of us to aspire for more quality in applications, bringing in better rigour to the whole process and aids you in saving a considerable amount of money by winning a scholarship and securing grants. If you secure an admit to one of our target school that we had shortlisted, and you decide to accept the admit with no further applications, we would provide a twenty percent cashback to you – consider this as a scholarship from admitMission!