If it’s all work and no play, you are not a preferred candidate.

We all have a 9 to 5 job.  Sometimes we work 60 hours per week. But, we also have a life from 5 to 9. And that is a different persona at play. When you put forth an application to your preferred school, they look at your all-round personality. What you do at work is fine and I am sure you would have multiple examples to put forth. But your all round personality is revealed when you are in the 5 to 9 mode.

Schools care about life outside work

Schools need to know that you are patient, determined, a good listener, willing to take on different things in life and more importantly how can you apply your real world knowledge to business problems. Conversely, can you use the knowledge gained at work to solve real life problems? Some b-schools have a component where you are encouraged to visit the real world and solve problems at the grass root level.

They want a good mix of achievers.

We showcase our best achievements in our school essays and sometimes also coalesce our recommenders to point out our areas of strengths. So, if you are that Superman or Wonder Woman, do you need to be enrolled into the program? You should be comfortable in pointing out your failures, talk about what went wrong, which skills did you lack? This will make your case to enter into the program stronger.

Do not sugar coat

Admission committees read through hundreds of application in an academic year and have become experts in understanding what is true and what is overtly sugar coated. We strongly recommend to be truthful in what you are as a person from 9 to 5 and 5 to 9. Do not sugar coat, be frank about failures, go deep into your stories, write about whatever you have experienced in the most professional way. Learn more about our essay writing services or take our free consultation

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