Reasons for application rejection

Did you receive a ‘ding’ reject from your b-school this spring? Initially it may sound like a disappointment but this is an opportunity to reflect and understand what went wrong, what part of the application did not work.

This article covers common reasons why your application may have been rejected.

Half-baked application.

MBA application process is a serious business. The application, essays and your score must stand out. Your essays may have lacked a story. It may not have brought about the true ‘you’. You don’t have to be a super hero in real life to bring about a strong story. If the story brings about your true self, it will automatically be unique.

An inconsistent profile.

Your application is your life story. The essays, recommendations, and overall application should weave that perfect plot. The admission committee looks at thousands of applications each year and they can make out any inconsistency within 20 minutes of reading the application. The key to overcome this is review, review, review. Do not write about something that you haven’t done. Be realistic.

Low scores

However perfect your application might be. A low gmat or gre score is a deterrent for the admission committee to accept your application to the next stage. When you are applying, look at the alumni database, the cohort for the previous 2 years and their score profile. This should give you a generic idea whether you will be accepted or not. More often than not, it is better to give your gmat again than wasting time and energy in preparing your application.

A very common profile

If the school has received many applications that are similar to yours there is a big chance that the school may pick only one or two of the lot. This is because the school wants diversity. Imagine a class full of people like you – Neither you or them are going to learn any new perspectives.

Poor recommendations

Many times the recommender gets a separate email from the b-school to fill up the recommendations. It is your duty to work with the recommender to remind them of your strengths and your qualities that make you stand out from the crowd. It is of utmost importance that your leadership experience is showcased appropriately. If these things do not appear on the recommendation, it may happen that the recommendation may work as the weakest link the chain. Do you need help? We at admitMission are willing to be your consultants. Do get in touch with us for a free first consultation.

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