A-Z Bundle

Our comprehensive admission bundle

You will work with one of our dedicated admission consultants throughout the entire admission cycle. Our specialists’ inputs focus on continuous improvement of your application will ensure a holistic postgraduate application. Our consultants are skilled in counseling and choosing the right course and target schools based on your career goals. In the past, our admission consultants have worked to secure admits for students in top programs and are exceptionally qualified to help you maximize your chances of securing a sought-after place in a top school.

A-Z Bundle - One School
A-Z Bundle - Two Schools
A-Z Bundle - Three Schools
A-Z Bundle - Four Schools
A-Z Bundle - Five Schools
A-Z Bundle - Six Schools
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Each A-Z Bundle Contains

1. Goal Setting and Career Strategy

We’ll discuss and elaborate with you on your purpose, value proposition, and career ambition. This will be a design thinking exercise to develop your long term and short term goals , considering both your desired MBA specialization and post-MBA plans.

2. Resume’ Review

Is your resume’ good enough to get you an admit into a top school? We will assess you strengths and weakness, quantify your achievements, and create a polished resume’. This will include assessing your current resume’, identify gaps, choosing template, making edits and finalizing.

3. Target School Shortlisting

We will brainstorm with you to decide which schools are fit for your purpose. We will create three bucket of schools and evaluate your chances of admissions.

4. Essay Editing

We will brainstorm essay content and approach. Once we have the first draft, we will determine your key messages substantiate with most pertinent examples. Next, we iterate through the process by making edits and review. The two-way feedback process ensures that we craft the most compelling and constructive essay.

5. Recco Outline

A recommendation can make or break your chances of receiving an admit. We will work with you to carefully plan to:how and whom to choose as a recommender, prepare the recommenders to write a strong recommendation, work with the recommender and help them with an outline.

6. A-Z Application Review

Your application tells your story. The admission officers take around 20 to 30 mins to look at your application and make a go/no-go decision. We review your final application to ensure there are no loopholes and the overall messaging is on the money!

7. Mock Interview Preparation

You’ve secured an interview – great stuff! We will conduct 2 mock-ups of real school interviews to kill those nerves. With our feedback and insights and coaching, you will learn to make the best impression during your interview.

8. Guidance on School Interaction, Visas, Scholarships.

Once you have decided on which admit to accept, only two-thirds of your journey is completed. The remaining course of your journey is to reach your school of choice and complete the program. The obvious support that you would need is guidance on visa and scholarships. We will aim to provide you the most relevant information that will help you navigate this part of the journey.


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